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This is our current fly fishing report for destinations throughout Washington State, focused mostly on our main attraction, the Yakima River.  The previous years fly fishing reports (linked above) are also a great resource for you.  We've been at it for 11 great seasons.

-October 18th, 2011

-Fall fishing has been great, whether we're fishing for smallmouth bass, which we have been, fly fishing the beautiful Yakima River Canyon, or floating the Klickitat River for steelhead.  My pick right now would be a Yakima River trout trip!  Our guide trips have gone well on the YAK!  The Klickitat River steelhead game, now that's a different story, it's been humbling, but we've had our 3 or so chances per day.  I think the steelhead game will get better as the fall Chinook get busy building redds, which is starting.  On the Yakima look for mayfly hatches in the afternoons, so have a dry fly rod ready.  The nymphing has been good for us in the deeper slots pre and post hatch.  Make sure to follow us on FaceBook, I update that more often.  The page needs "likes"!  I guess that's the new thing now.  When I started guiding it was digital photography, look where we've come.  I remember scanning (with an actual scanner, remember those?) client photos to my computer to email guests or to put on the website.  Now, that's service!  Here are some of those pictures, 2001 fishing photos.  

, on Facebook search for if this link doesn't work. 

-August 1st, 2011

-We're in summer fishing mode and we've been out there enjoying it.  Bookings are down, so I'd welcome any and all calls or emails.  Folks have been taking advantage of our special rate for an evening float on the YAK.  It's an option out there for the local angler wanting to get in on some great action.  Let's get you on a date. 

If you're itching to get in on a new smallmouth fishing destination let me know.  I hope to offer multi-day floats on this incredible stretch of stream soon.  Here's a couple of teaser photos.  Call or email for details on this July and August float trip. 

-June 20th, 2011

-OK, we're a go for Yakima River trout trips.  Weekend guiding went well and the river, for the moment, is in good shape.  Expect summer time flows, and much of our fishing to be on the move.  Don't rule out more runoff events, as we're still sitting on full reservoirs that will need to release water once it gets warm and our 223% of normal snowpack melts.  Keep an eye on things or let me do it for you.  Feel free to call or email anytime. 

-May 23rd, 2011

-The Yakima River remains really high, and off color because of a few things; we have a ton of snow this year that still needs to melt, and a week ago we had a really wet and wild rain event.  I've been pushing guide trips to June for Yakima River trout.  We had a solid booking for our private lake, Grandma's Lake, recently, and there are more brown trout this year than in the past.  We are still trying to balance winter kills and rainbow trout restocking, so the fishing isn't stellar, but the group that booked had a good time up there.  If you'd like to go scope it out, let me know.  While the Yakima River has been raging I've been having the time of my life fishing for species I've always wanted to fish for with gear that I never really knew how to use.  Lately, I've caught northern pike on the fly, spring Chinook salmon out of the Columbia River, a ton of walleye and smallmouth bass at Potholes Reservoir, some largemouth and absolutely trophy sized crappie out in the Columbia Basin and plan to get the boat out there for these species more in the future, especially the warmwater species.  If you want in on any of this action, as I develop new trips, do let me know.  Be sure to follow us on FaceBook; it'll be the place to get in on the fun while you sit at your computers and dream of fish on.    

-April 4th, 2011

-The YAK is out of shape for a while.  We snuck in a couple of fun trips before the big water and will do more when the flows come down.  Runoff is just beginning, so plan your trips based on conditions.  I'll update this fishing report when I can, but honestly it's easier for me to use FaceBook, so I'll likely have more to say on there in the future. 

-March 21st, 2011

-Flows are going to be up and down this spring and that's good for the smolts going out and when flows are on that receding limb it'll be good for all of you that want to fish away.  Look for the skwala dry fly to be good on the warmer days.  Nymph when conditions are keeping the fish down and don't forget to tie some March brown mayflies up, as that's the next good hatch.   This economy still needs some stimulation, so here's my current special, Click Here!  I haven't had a lot of calls or emails lately, so will match what another guide service is doing for March, and will offer trips for $225 until the end of the month, but you need to remind me that I said this/that, because that's a steal of a deal.  I have this next Saturday open; any takers?  Let's go fishin! 

-March 9th, 2011

-The Yakima River is in prime shape for some nymphing and the dry skwala bite is likely happening.  I'm itching to get you out there.  As I type this I'm dreaming of fish lips opening up around your or my skwala dry fly.  It's been a long winter!  OK, here's the skinny, I need to book some trips.  This economy needs some stimulation, so here's my current special, Click Here!  Let's go fishin! 

-February 23rd, 2011

-Ditto last report!  We got out for a guide trip over this last weekend and did really well.  We hooked around 20 and landed a dozen.  The bites are light because the water is super cold!  Water temperatures have been starting around 34 degrees and getting up to around 37 degrees.  When we get some day time highs in the 50s again and the water gets up to around 40 degrees I'm going to be tossing some skwala dry flies.  The word on the street is that when we had conditions that provided warmer water windows, earlier in the month, some of the guides were catching fish on dries.  That's encouraging.  Cold weather and some winter storms are coming later this week, so get your fishing in when it's warm, and get caught up on honey dos when it's too cold.  Keep an eye on the weather and please give us a ring on the phone, or shoot us an email to book a trip. 

-February 16th 2011

-Two thumbs way up for the Yakima River's conditions!  Call or email to get aboard.  We'll nymph and toss the big skwala dry fly later in the afternoon.  Keep in mind that we experience the best early season dry fly fishing, period, anywhere (my personal bias).  Catching fish on large dry flies after a long winter is fun.  It's not happening yet, but it will. 

-January 20th 2011

-Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great holiday season with family and friends.  Some of you possibly even wet a line, that's great.  We are beginning our 11th year of guiding you on fishing adventures!  We're excited about fishing you down the Yakima and beyond this year, so email or call for availability.  The Yakima is currently blown out because of the recent pineapple express and rain, but will be back down soon.  For now get ready for a great season ahead.  Be sure to check out my YouTube video on the recent photos page.  You'll see my Dad, son and I having the time of our lives steelhead fishing on the Upper Columbia River with Mark and Kevin Stennes, top notch guides for   

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is But a Dream."

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