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Mountain Pass Report

This is our current fly fishing report for destinations throughout Washington State, focused mostly on our main attraction, the Yakima River.  The previous years fly fishing reports (linked above) are also a great resource for you.  We've been at it for 13 great seasons.  Take a minute and refresh your memory about what fishing was like 2001 - 2012, by clicking on the links. 

-April 8th 2015

The report below sums life up for me.  I'll update our followers on Facebook occasionally, but do not plan to continue fishing report postings or photo uploads to this webpage.  As mentioned above, please do use the 13 years of linked fishing reports and photo pages as references. 

-March 19th 2013

We're off and running for another guide season.  The river had been in prime time shape, but went up a bit from rain and warm weather, but is heading back down.  I rescheduled guiding until it drops a little more.  Spring fishing this year will be mighty fine.  I can't wait to get out there and dust off the drift boat.  Plus, this year we're running a new 13' gray colored Maxxon raft with a custom cut aluminum frame from NRS.  That'll be a fun fishing and fisheries survey machine!   

I'll try to update this fishing reports page as often as I can, like last year.  To be open; I've been raising a lot more kids than I have trout lately.  That's a little play on words, but the honest truth is, I've been busy being a dad, and plan to focus on that for the next several years.  I'll guide when I can and fish when I can, but the kids, and supporting my wife are my focus for a while.  For those that have fished with me for years, this isn't anything new to you, for new customers, know that I'm still taking/booking new customers, but I'll primarily be fishing my stable clientele, when I can.  All, feel free to call or email, but know that my guide days are limited.  I'm sure folks that have been following my guide career over the last 13 years have seen my gentle transition to busy fatherhood and on my fisheries biology career.  At this time, those items are my focus, but I'll still be guiding, like I said, when I can.   

On Facebook search for if this link doesn't work.  The page needs likes.  I guess that's the thing now a days. 

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is But a Dream."

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