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Photos of Our 2005 Season

Bram and Jason enjoying the ice and fishing

Nice Winter Bow 20+ inch Sucker Double! Morning Ice

Holy Broodstocks, let's eat em'!  One more pic dad

Time to sharpen the fillet knife and fire up the smoker 21 to 24 inchers, Nice!

A hole with risers and double snags Jeremy nice streamer eater!

Zack's Highlight reel from the YAK and Lenore

Cold Outside? Yes, but good fishin' too!

  Holy Lake Lenore Lahontan Cutthroat Show

Holy Sucker from the YAK and Nice BOW

  Julie with her first fly rod fish   Nice one Wayne

Don and Cynthia, look at all the elk and fish!

Jaclyn and I on the Yakima, Fall 2005 What a catch, she's a gem

Tyler and Bob caught too many fish to count

Bob and Gary Gettin' it done in the farmlands, go FFF

Pete, nice rainbow on a tiny nymph

Cam's 21 inch YAKBOW! Cuttbow & Cutt

Nice 20 pound Methow Chinook on the fly

  Oh what a day

Terry and Mike gettin' it done in the Yakima River Canyon

Oh what a beautiful day for Jeff and Pete

Nice Rainbow for Dave Bob that's a nice rainbow, good job!

Mother and son gettin' it done in the farmlands

Nice farmlands bow Dan

Nice Cuttie' Don and Cooper Oscar and Joe on the Upper

Holy floatilla, big group, big meal, lots of fish, nice!

Have you ever tossed flies for bullfrogs, it's fun Tastes like chicken!

Nice Bow and Brookies for Joe and Scott

Clint nice cuttie from the upper!

Holy Owhyee Browns!

Holy Provo River etc. Browns!

Rick and Phil Summer Hopper and Caddis Fishin'

Family Fun

Three Generations of Fun!

Holy 21.5 Bow Cuttie Shad

Dick and Ann came from Maine, and got their first Cutties here in WA

Bob Summer 2005 on the Upper River

Todd and Andrea gettin' it done on a windy YAK day

Bob Fishin an alpine creek, lake and the YAK

Nice 5 ft. bamboo fish Fun in the Desert

Zack and Angelie with a big male bow from the upper river

Nice Cuttie from the Upper YAK

First fly rod rainbow Buy a log home from Dave (Country Classic Log Homes)

Guides get days off you know

How better to celebrate a bachelor's party

To See some Pictures of our Recent Trips to the Lower Yakima River, click here!

Larry on the Crick Will's big one from the Basin

Holy Cow, it was a whackfest!

Dan Whacked Fish on Caddis All Day Zack on the Upper

Don and Bob fishin' Caddis Check out this Yak Steelie spawnin'

Grandma's Lake 2005, Come On Up!

  If you're up at G-Ma's Lake make sure you steer clear of this outlaw, he'll getchya!

Nice Cutthroat and bow for Jim

Some Memories for Greg, Nicole, Ryaan and his pop!

Do you ever wonder if you married the right person?

Larry's highlight reel, nice job on that cuttie!

Jeff and Cam gettin' it done, Spring 2005

Nice fishin' Clint, is your arm still sore?

Zack gettin' it done on the upper YAK big one!

Dean & I on the YAK, Spring is here! OOPS Smiles!

  Carson and Justin gettin' it done on the YAK

Yak bow, Winter 2005  

While the YAK thaws, go hit Rocky Ford