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Photos of Our 2002 Season

Chris and Michael Fishing early Fall

John and Leslie, Summer 2002

Eron & Will

Chris's Caddis Slurper Wayne got another pig!

Ivan's wiggler Matt's Bow

Idaho and Montana 2002

Ohh what a day!

John's Cuttbow Wayne's PIG

Joe's Cuttie  The Dreamboat!

Ken's big fish! (his first fish ever on fly rod)

Ryan's Hoggs (2 different fish, I promise)

  Bader's Bow!   Scott and I with a fiesty trout

Kieth's HOGG

Caddis having a happy time Nymphing SUCKER!

Here's a real fine gift for Mothers Day.

YAK bows on Stone Nymphs!

Tony and I on the YAK!

Dwight and Paul Spring 2002!

Russ's YakBow!

What are they bight'en on?  The end of my line!


Len and John

Justin and Dave fishin the YAK!

Ron's HOGGS!

Check out this MPEG movie of a baetis Slurping POD!


Skawla Slammer!  Real Deal!

Midging In our New Boat

Winter HOGGS!C&R 2002

We are riding and dining in style for 2002! BOOK EARLY!

  Greg and Tom, winter trip 2002! 

Catch and Release for the Future!